Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Traits of A Strong Beautiful Woman of Color

If strength is beauty she'd be drop dead gorgeous

If faith is wealth she'd be filthy rich

If perseverance is water she'd be an ocean

If patience is rain she'd be a storm

If humility is a flood she'd be a tsunami

If love is an animal she'd be a zoo

If determination is a country she'd be a continent

If resilience is a tree she'd be a forest

If loyalty is a disease she'd be an epidemic

by MiMi (modified from The traits of a strong African Woman)


Amias said...

Thank you for posting this ... I couldn't agree more.

iamnasra said...

This amazing ..loved so much

Princess of rain said...

Am a Somalian girl am happy to find this blog about us coloured women. I always felt different ,but I knew being different doesn't mean a bad thing it means am special and I thank God every day for that .My mam and dad never went to school but they raised me and now am 1 and half year away from graduation from university .Even though I faced lots of staff and racism here but Allhamduellah anyway May allah bless u all sisters.My name is Amina and I hope to be a part of ur blog !

Amias said...

Welcome Amina, I look forward to communicating with you. Although the Blog is not too active, I am sure if we just start posting others will follow.